6 Top Kenyan Artistes Who Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious criminal offense but most women shy away from the topic.

It is humiliating, degrading and belittling in many ways. Some women in the entertainment industry have been misunderstood for leaving their abusive husbands. Keeping in mind that domestic violence is not something that anyone should condone or persevere. However some Kenyan male celebrities have been accused of battering their women and it is shocking.

Here are the 6 accused of domestic violence:

1. DNA.
The reformed musician was accused of beating his girlfriend back when he was an alcoholic. DNA had been struggling with alcoholism and it is around during that time that he was accused of becoming physically abusive.

2. Willy Paul.
The gospel singer was accused by one of his ex girlfriends of not only cheating but also laying his hands on her.

3. Rapper Octopizo.
The quiet looking rapper Octopizzo was taken to court by his long term girlfriend who was seeking separation and custody of their daughter. It was also rumoured that things turned violent one night when she found out about an affair he had allegedly had.

4. Mejja.
The accusations came as swiftly as the fists were alleged to have flown and the worst part is that he abused the mother of his child while she was still pregnant. He denied the story but we don’t know who to believe.

5. Denis Okari.
Betty Kyallo’s ex husband was exposed by a letter from his brother-in-law who wrote and said that pain may come from a dishonest partner and spousal abuse. This left many of us wondering if Denis Okari was battering his wife.

6. Timmy T-Dat.
Timmy has been known for his arrogance and unapologetic self. He recently pulled a lady’s dress up while she was dancing on stage and we were appalled by the level of disrespect the man had. The musician and NRG host was accused of battering his ex girlfriend in 1824 and when he was asked about it he tried to justify his actions. He said that his ex girlfriend was disrespecting him while he was right there and even though he overreacted, it was unavoidable. This is not the kind of guy to date.


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